For individuals looking to join an organized or league created team, Click/Tap on 'Individual Form' button, fill out the required fields and submit a completed form. Teams can complete and submit a team registration form located further down this page.

Welcome to The Big's Ultimate Sports Grill Men's 4on4 Ball Hockey League

REGISTRATION – Limited Spots available for all Conferences

Please click/tap on the information tabs to receive info our how you can participate in our league.

  • Registration Fees [click/tap to view]

    $300.00 Non-refundable deposit required to secure your team's spot. (Deposit will be refunded in full if league fails to go ahead.) 


    Upon receiving your team's deposit, you'll shall receive a welcome e-mail with details on the upcoming season.


    Registration Fee: $2200.00 per team. (excludes insurance fees) Non-Refundable deposit is included in total team registration. 

    Insurance Fees: $15.00 per player. Players whom registered for the 2018 NL Ball Hockey Association Provincial Championships do not have to pay this fee.

    Submit one form per team.  

    Send payments via EMT (Email Money Transfer) to (if a password is required, please use: gameon)

    Final registration payments are due by Friday September 28, 2018. A late fee of $100.00 will be assessed to any team that goes beyond that date.

    All insurance fees are due in full by no later than Wednesday October 3, 2018.


  • League Details [click/tap to view]



    19yrs or Older by March 1, 2018

    Any player under 19yrs of age is considered underage as pertaining to our league.

    The minimum age permitted under CBHA/NLBHA for a player to participate in an adult league is 17yrs of Age.

    Any player under 19 years of age must wear full facial protection which has to be CSA approved.

    Any player under the age of 19 must also have their parent/guardian complete the consent section of the online registration form.

    The league has the right to ask for an ID to confirm age.

    In no way or form shall anyone under the age of 19 consume alcohol, if an Official of the league observes a minor consuming alcohol they will be reported to the league and remove from any further participation within the league. 

    A minimum fine of $500 + any additional fines set fort by the league will be assessed to the team that signed such individual and must be paid prior to their next game.  




    Northpoint Sports Facility 




    Minimum of 8 runners plus a minimum of 1 goalie.

    Maximum of 21 runners plus a minimum of 1 goalie.




    Regular season - 2 x 22 minute periods (run time) per game followed by a shoot-out (if necessary).

    Games shall start on the scheduled time. (no exceptions)

    There will be a 30 second break between periods. (excludes OT/SO)

    5 players permitted until the goalie is ready. (game forfeited if no goalie before the halfway mark)

    Grace period of 5 minutes is permitted if a team does not have enough players to start. (after which time a delay of game penalty will be assessed)

    Failure to provide a minimum roster after 10 minutes of scheduled time - forfeit would be assessed.

    Last minute of play. (stop time if a difference of 2 goals or less)

    Games will end at the completion of all period(s).




    Thursday Nights @ 7:00 PM & 8:00 PM and Sunday Nights @ 7:00 PM, 8:00 PM & 9:00 PM




    Approx. 22-26 weeks (includes playoffs)




    October 4th, 2018 - approx. March 31st, 2019.

    A pending season's end celebration is planned for The Big's Ultimate Sports Grill on Freshwater Road. Beverages, food and prizes will be available to members who attend.


    The Big's Ultimate Sports Grill Men's 4ON4 Ball Hockey League is registered with Newfoundland and Labrador Ball Hockey Association with registered certified Officials. CBHA, NLBHA and GameOn Sports rules will be applied.