revised on September 1, 2018


    Some clarity is required concerning suspensions and power of the league to enforce those suspensions.



    Located on page 8 of the Official CBHA rulebook – During internal branch competition, branches may make variations to Canadian Ball Hockey Association Official Rules, providing these variations are more restrictive than the rules are written. 




    Any issue that may arise that questions the fairness, integrity and the rules as implemented by the MBHA should go through the following steps.

    Step 1.  Have your team rep contact the league via e-mail molsonballhockey@hotmail.com with your concerns/questions.

    Step 2.  Have your team rep contact the NLBHA via the MBHA [this is required by the NLBHA] we will e-mail the NLBHA and cc. your team rep to confirm that we have done this.

    Step 3. Have your team rep contact the CBHA via the MBHA who in turn must contact the NLBHA who will then contact the CBHA [this is required by the CBHA]

    League matters are league matters and all concerns/questions have to go through the league just as the league has to go through the NLBHA to contact the CBHA.

    The League has the authority and the jurisdiction to imply and enforce their rules.




    All league suspensions are based on the following:

    Official’s Report – under RULE 40 (d) of the official CBHA rulebook: A Referee shall have full authority and the final decision in all matters under dispute. His/Her decision shall be final on all questions of judgement and not subject to appeal.

    Repeat Offenders – length of suspension can/will be increased for repeat offenders pending on what is written in the Official’s report and the type of offence.

    Rules - of the CBHA, NLBHA and MBHA.

    Decision Makers – all suspensions are listed as is except where noted. ILLEGAL PLAYERS & MATCH PENALTIES length based NLBHA review. The NLBHA/CBHA has the right to review any suspension. 

    Notification of suspension – Under Ball Hockey rules, unlike other sports, a suspension occurs effective immediately and a player is considered suspended indefinitely until a suspension length has been determined or the suspension length is already set due to the call. (e.g. - Standard Game Misconduct = 1 game, repeat standard Game Misconduct = 2 games and so on). 

    The league, as a courtesy will try to send out a notification of a suspension however is not required to do so. The only time the league is required to send out a notification is if a suspension is greater than the minimum length being assessed. 

    The official suspension page located on the website is a listing of suspensions however should errors occur or the page is not available, the contents of such will be superseded by the official scoresheet of the Molson Ball Hockey Association. 

    A suspended player/member of the league will be ordered to leave the playing surface. (please note: a penalize player loses his right to communicate with an official once a penalty has been assessed, even if he wears a letter) An alternate player from the team will be advised of the penalties being assessed. (the onus is on that player to relay the penalty/suspension info to his team). Penalties will be reported to and recorded by the Scorekeeper.

    The Onus is strictly on the player to be aware of the rules.

    Please note: All league issues, appeals, concerns, questions etc. must be done through your team rep, failure to do this can lead to fines and or suspensions.




    Roster Size


    Minimum of 8 runners plus 1 goalie.

    Maximum of 16 runners plus 2 goalies.

    Additional runners may be added up to a maximum roster size of 20 runners + 2 goalies. (additional charges may be applied)


    Bench Size


    Minimum of 5 runners plus 1 goalie.

    *new* Maximum of 9 runners plus 1 goalie.


    Player Freeze


    Player(s) cannot be removed/replaced from a team's roster when Freeze is active.

    Suspended roster player(s) cannot be removed from a roster.

    Minimum 48hrs to register a player prior to their next slated game.

    Cannot go over maximum of roster players allowed.

    May replace up to four (4) roster spots plus a goalie.

    Notification (via e-mail) must be provided for Player(s) being released/added to a roster.

    Replacements/additions must register (new league members only), link will be provided to team reps. 

    1st Player Freeze from start of season to half way point.

    2nd Player Freeze 1 week from half way point to Season's end.

    Due to hardship, the league may authorize roster changes after the freeze has been imposed. (pending league criteria has been met).


    Underage Players


    Any player under 19yrs of age is considered underage as pertaining to our league.

    The minimum age permitted under CBHA/NLBHA for a player to participate in an adult league is 17yrs of Age.

    Any player under 19 years of age must wear full facial protection which has to be CSA approved.

    Any player under the age of 19 must also have their parent/guardian complete the consent section of the online registration form.

    The league has the right to ask for an ID to confirm age.

    In no way or form shall anyone under the age of 19 consume alcohol, if an Official of the league observes a minor consuming alcohol they will be reported to the league and remove from any further participation within the league. 

    A minimum fine of $500 + any additional fines set fort by the league will be assessed to the team that signed such individual and must be paid prior to their next game. 


    Captain/Alternate captains


    1 Captain (C), 2 Alternates (A) or 3 Alternates (A's).

    C's/A's only permitted to speak with an on-floor official.

    Penalize player(s) lose their right to communicate with an official.

    Must wait until call reported to the scorekeeper. 

    Cannot dispute a call however may ask for clarification.


    Changing of teams


    Only players whom have been released.

    Notification (via e-mail) must be provided for Player(s) being released/added to a roster.

    Approved by the Board of Directors.

    Justification must be provided for such a release.

    The Board has the authority to deny such requests.


    Illegal Players


    Players whom are not registered, not insured etc.

    Team fine of $100.00 will be assessed.

    Player(s) will be suspended (suspension length subject to NLBHA review).


    Screening of Players


    Players may go through a screening process before being permitted to join a team/participate in the League.

    A player with prior history with another league may be denied registration with this league.

    Examples of priors history are: Match Penalties, Abuse on officials, Fighting Majors, Numerous Game Misconducts, Gross Misconducts and Misconducts etc....





    Regular season - 2 x 22 minute periods (run time) per game followed by a shoot-out (if necessary).

    Games shall start on the scheduled time. (no exceptions)

    There will be a 1 minute break between periods. (excludes OT/SO)

    5 players permitted until the goalie is ready. (game forfeited if no goalie before the halfway mark)

    Grace period of 5 minutes is permitted if a team does not have enough players to start. (after which time a delay of game penalty will be assessed)

    Failure to provide a minimum roster after 10 minutes of scheduled time - forfeit would be assessed.

    Last minute of play. (stop time if a difference of 2 goals or less)

    Games will end at the completion of all period(s).




    1-30 second time-out per team, per period, per game.

    Called anytime after the whistle and prior to a face off.

    Any player from from the playing surface can call a time-out.




    5 seconds to line up for the ensuring face-off.

    Ball dropped whether both teams are ready or not.


    Team Points Awarded


    Three points awarded to a team that wins in regulation time.

    Three points awarded to a team that wins via a forfeit.

    Two points awarded to a team that wins in a shootout.

    One point to a team that loses in the shootout.

    No points to a team that loses in regulation.


    Individual Points Awarded


    One point per goal scored.

    One point per assist made on a goal.

    One assist permitted for each goal scored. (excluding shoot-outs/penalty shots)


    Shoot-out Regulations


    Each team names three shooters.

    List must be given to an official who will supply the list to the scorekeeper.

    Shooters must shoot in order as they were recorded.

    Home teams chooses which team shoots first.

    Games remaining tied after the 1st three shooters [3 per team] will continue with "sudden death".

    Teams must have the same many shooters unless there is no chance in tying the score.

    Player(s) serving a penalty going into the shoot-out can not take part. (i.e. If time remaining on penalty at completion of game they cannot shoot)

    Players(s) cannot be repeated for another turn in the shoot-out until the entire bench has been used. [excluding penalized players / goalies]

    Only the game winning goal will be counted towards individual statistics. 


    Mercy Rule


    Comes into effect after the completion of the 1st Period.

    A game falls under this rule once one team is leading the other by a margin of seven (7) goals or more with less than 11:00 minutes remaining in the 2nd period.

    If a team is beating another team by a margin of 10 or more goals during any point during the 2nd period of a game, the game will be called.

    Both teams have the right to continue play however no further points would be awarded/recorded.


    Forfeit Rule


    The penalty/fine for a team forfeiting a game will be $50.00 (excluding playoffs) and $100.00 per playoff game. (all fines must be paid in full prior to their next scheduled game).

    Forfeit Maximum - two (2) games, a review will be conducted to see if team will be removed from any further participation once this limit has been exceeded.


    Re-Scheduling Games


    Teams may put in requests for rescheduling of their games however this is no easy task and in most cases will be denied.

    The official procedure in which this league has adopted. [based on CBHA rules and the rules put forth by other sports leagues] 

    The team requesting to reschedule their game must adhere to the following:
    • You may only request to swap dates/times that currently exist in the schedule.
    • Only regular season games can be swapped with regular season games and playoff games with playoff games.
    • Get written permission from your opponent's team rep by having them send an e-mail to the League confirming that they agree to the change in the schedule. [e-mail must also have listed the new date and time]
    • Get written permission from both teams that you want to swap dates with. [e-mail must also have listed the new date and time]
    • Make sure there are no repeated games/teams playing on the night of the requested switch. [i.e. Team 1 swaps for a different date however will be denied due to the fact they are already scheduled to play on the night in question.]
    • Pay a $20.00 administrative fee.  
    • All e-mails should be sent to molsonballhockey@hotmail.com


    Game sheets


    Each team, at the beginning of each game will have to fill out their portion of the official game sheet/game card and return it to the scorekeeper prior to the start of the game.

    Players who are not listed on the game sheet or who are listed incorrectly will not be permitted to play.

    Players whom are listed on the game sheet as identified by their jersey number can participate during anytime of their arrival for their game as per CBHA rules and regulations.



    Playoff qualification


    All teams qualify for the playoffs.

    Individual players must have played a minimum of 1/3 [i.e. - 18 game season, 6 games played, 9 game season, 3 games played] of their regular season games from the time they were signed to qualify for playoff participation. (Back-up Goalies & registered spares are excluded from this rule.)  


    Playoff format



    Game 1, the third- and fourth-placed teams play against each other. The loser is eliminated.

    Game 2, the first- and second-placed teams play against each other. The winner qualifies directly for the final.

    Game 3, the winner of Game 1 plays against the loser of Game 2. The loser is eliminated.

    Game 4 (the final) is then played between the winners of Games 2 and 3.



    Game 1, the sixth placed team plays against seventh placed team. The loser is eliminated.

    Game 2, the third placed team plays against winner of game 1. The loser is eliminated.

    Game 3, the fourth placed team plays against the fifth placed team, The loser is eliminated.

    Game 4, the first placed team plays against the second placed team, Winner adavances to final.

    Game 5, the winners of Game 2 & 3 play against each other. The loser is eliminated.

    Game 6, the winner of Game 5 plays against loser of Game 4. The loser is eliminated.

    Game 7 (the final) is then played between the winners of Games 4 and 6.


    Tie-breaking procedures


    If two (2) or more teams are tied within a group or division, then the tie is broken in the following order:

    The team with most wins in round-robin schedule;

    Record between teams in round-robin schedule;

    Greatest positive goal difference between goals scored minus goals allowed, from all round-robin games involving only the tied teams;

    Greatest positive goal difference between goals scored minus goals allowed, from all round-robin games;

    Highest total of goals scored in games involving only the tied teams;

    Highest total of goals scored in all round-round games;

    If a tie still exists then the teams will play a shoot-out.

    NOTE 1: If a tie exists between two (2) teams who have not played each other in the round-robin portion of the tournament, they shall play a deciding game.

    NOTE 2: For the purpose of the plus/minus ratios, a team cannot achieve more than plus seven (7) in any one (1) game.



    Infractions Behind the Play - The league can “investigate any incident that occurs in connection with any Pre-season, Exhibition, League or Playoff game and may assess additional fines and/or suspensions for any offense committed during the course of a game or any aftermath thereof … whether or not such offence has been penalized by the Referee.”



    Responsibility of the team and must be paid in full prior to that team's next scheduled game.

    Doubled with each and every offence. (i.e. - 1st = $20, 2nd = $40, 3rd = $80, etc..)

    Fines $20 or larger must be paid via e-mail money transfer.

    Fines less than $20 may be paid via the scorekeeper. [make sure it is noted on the scoresheet]

    MISCONDUCTS - none | (last 10 minutes) - $10.00 | (2 in 1 game) - $10.00

    GAME MISCONDUCTS - $10.00 


    FIGHTING MAJORS - $50.00

    MATCH PENALTY - $75.00

    FORFEITS - [Regular Season] - $50.00 | [Playoffs] - $100.00

    ILLEGAL PLAYERS - $100.00

    ABUSE OF OFFICIALS: Executive member, Referee or Scorekeeper shall not be approached regarding any disputed call(s)/non-call(s) or any other disputed items re: the league.

    There will be no tolerance for guilty individuals, appropriate penalties/fines will be assessed, as well as a team fine of $25.00 may be implemented for failure to abide by this rule. Only authorized team reps can contact officials via e-mail to voice their concerns/complaints.

    A meeting may be scheduled if justification has been provided. 

    Alcohol is not permitted - violators will be fined $25.00.

    Smoke Free Facility - violators will be fined $25.00. 

    Sponsors Only - Any competitive products will be deemed as a violation of this rule - $25 fine.




    Start at the drop of the ball.

    Teams cannot go lower than 2 players for a penalty kill. (e.g. 3 vs. 2, 4 vs. 2)

    Penalties will be based on the rules of the CBHA rule book.

    Players can ask for clarification of penalty being assessed.

    An official’s call cannot be disputed or their judgment questioned as per the CBHA rulebook.

    Officials can call a minor, misconduct or game misconduct to any member who fails to abide by the above rule.

    Stick infractions (Slashing and High Sticking) - minimum 4 minute double minor penalty.

    High Sticking the Ball - 2 minute penalty, play blown dead upon contact.

    5 MINUTE MAJORS - 5 minute penalty plus an automatic Game Misconduct.

    MINOR PENALTIES - 2 minutes in length, double minor penalties can be called. 

    4 MINUTE MINORS (minimum) - Cross Checking | Boarding | Checking/Hit from Behind | Body Contact | Head Contact

    Only 1 goal can be scored against a 4 min penalty, team can replace their penalized player once a goal has been allowed however the player penalized will have to serve the entire 4 minutes (treated as a misconduct) and wait for the first stoppage in play.

    STEPPING ON THE BALL - (delay of game penalty) - 2 minutes in length.

    DELAY OF GAME – Shooting the Ball over/above the Glass or the Identified Markings.

    2 minutes in length.

    When a player or goaltender, while in his defending zone (their blue line in), shoot the ball directly (non-deflected) out of the playing surface (above the identified markings and or glass), a penalty shall be assessed for delaying the game. When the ball is shot into the players’ bench, the penalty will not apply.

    So, essentially, whenever a player shoots the ball directly over the glass or identified markings from the defensive zone, the team gets the delay of game penalty.

    Reasoning for this rule the previous abuse of such play when not penalized. Players used to deliberately shoot the ball over the glass or above identified markings when they were defending a tight game late in game or killing a penalty.

    Minor penalties (last few mins of a game - i.e. roughing, elbowing, boarding etc...) may lead to suspension(s) + fine(s).)

    3 Penalty rule: 3 penalties in a game = game ejection - Double minors count as 1 penalty.




    Onus is on the suspended individual to be aware of their suspension.

    Individuals are officially notified of penalties/suspensions during their game.

    Penalize player(s) lose their right to communicate with an official upon penalty being assessed.

    Alternate player from your team will be advised of the penalties assessed.

    Player(s) tossed from a game must leave the playing surface, go to dressing room or leave the building.

    Penalties would be reported to and recorded by the Scorekeeper.

    Player(s) are considered suspended indefinitely until a suspension length determined.

    Player(s) are considered suspended through an appeal process.

    All suspensions listed are minimum.

    Minimum suspensions cannot be appealed as per CBHA rules and Regulations.

    Minimum suspensions doubled with each and every offence. (i.e. - 1st = 1 gm, 2nd = 2 gms, 3rd = 4 gms, etc..)

    Repeat offenders (i.e. - Fighting or Match Penalties) may be removed from further participation within the league.

    Suspensions to be listed on the restricted area of our official website with access granted to registered league members only.

    MISCONDUCTS - none | (last 10 minutes) - none | (2 in 1 game) - 1 game

    GAME MISCONDUCTS (served at player's next scheduled gm.) - 1 game

    GAME MISCONDUCTS (Returning to the playing surface after being ejected from a game.) 5min penalty = 1 game

    GAME MISCONDUCTS (Checking from behind) 4min penalty = 1 game | 5min penalty = 4 games

    GAME MISCONDUCTS (Rule 47, Harassment of an Official) - 4 games


    FIGHTING MAJORS - 15 games + 2 games if Instigator

    FIGHTING MAJORS (Aggressor) - 20 games + 2 games if Instigator

    MATCH PENALTY - Indefinitely (pending NLBHA review)

    ILLEGAL PLAYERS - Indefinitely (pending NLBHA review)

    Alcohol is not permitted - violators will received a minimum 1 gm suspension.


    Smoke Free Facility - violators will received a minimum 1 gm suspension.

    10 GAME SUSPENSION - Re-Entry into the league

    Any player who is suspended for an "intentional action" [verbal or physical] that is accompanied by a minimum 10 game suspension has to re-apply via e-mail, must sign a waiver agreeing to the criteria put forth by the league and must pay a refundable bond [$200.00] + their team will have to pay a refundable bond [$500.00].

    If during that time they receive another offence that is intentional [verbal or physical] no matter the length of the suspension, they shall forfeit both their bond and their team's bond.

    The player in question would also receive a minimum 5 year [not season] ban from participating in any league/event sanctioned by the MBHA [Molson Ball Hockey Association].

    If the player(s) in question go the entire season without incident, they shall not need to repeat the above.


    Protective gear


    All hockey helmets will be considered legal for ball hockey if that helmet was originally CSA approved at its time of purchased. that has not been physically altered with paint, or protruding clips (Visor Clips), or in any other way that is deemed dangerous to the player wearing the helmet or any other player.

    Visor Clips must be removed prior to play and can not be covered up with tape.

    While on the floor, including pre-game warmups, all players, including goaltenders, shall wear CSA approved hockey helmet.

    All other protective gear such as shin guards, elbow pads etc.. are recommended.

    Shoulder pads are not permitted.

    Elbows pads must be covered as well as any shin guards that are not specifically made for ball hockey.

    No plastic hockey blades permitted and no black tape on the blade permitted.

    Goalies must wear CSA approved goalie equipment, street hockey gear will not be permitted.

    Goalie facial protection  - If the blade of a legal hockey stick cannot penetrate the cage, in particular the eyes holes, to a depth that would cause injury, then the cage is considered safe enough for use in a ball hockey game.

    All players under 19 years of age must wear full facial protection which has to be CSA approved.




    All players participating in a league game must wear a Jersey or T-Shirt that is color coordinated with the rest of their team.

    All Players must have a different, clear and visible number on the back of their Jersey/T-Shirt.

    All jerseys must be numbered 00 to 99, using ten (10) inch numbers; the number 63 has been retired by the league thus is not available as a jersey number.

    Tape (as a number) is permitted however if number comes off then player(s) will be assessed a two (2) minor penalty for illegal equipment.

    Players who do not abide to these rules will not be permitted to play by the official in charge of the game.

    If two competing teams Jerseys clash, the home team on the schedule has to change their Jerseys.

    The above rule does not apply to teams who registered their Jersey colors with the League and were approved by the league. Those teams have the right to wear their team Jerseys and the team that clashes with their Jersey will have to change their Jersey whether they are the Home team or not.



    Designated playing area [goalies]


    Trapezoid is defined by lines that begin from either goal post and extend diagonally to points apart at the end boards.

    Goalies can play the ball within the trapezoid located behind each net or in front of the goal line.

    Goalies shall not play the ball outside of the designated area behind the net.

    2-min minor penalty (delay of game) will be assessed for playing the ball outside of designated area.

    Playing the ball outside of their team's zone - a 2-min minor penalty (delay of game) will be assessed.


    Offsides [floating line]


    Once a player has moved the ball over the line into the attacking zone, the attacking zone increases to the defensive zone line.


    Covering the ball


    Goalies must have at least one foot in the crease prior to covering the ball and causing a stoppage in play.

    Causing stoppage of play while covering the ball without being in the goal crease - 2 min (delay of game) penalty.


    Water bottle


    Only durable/firmly secured water bottles are permitted on the net.

    A delay of game penalty will be assessed if a drinking container breaks and spills water on the floor.


    Spare goalies


    The main objective of the following rules are to prevent forfeits and abuse of the spare goalie rule.

    Only teams on the verge of a forfeit due to no goalie are permitted to use a spare/borrowed goalie.

    Spare goalies are used in the case that a team's goaltender can't participate in his game.

    In order to use a spare goalie, a team must provide (if required by the Board) proof to why their goaltender isn't playing.

    Failure to provide this proof will lead to the spare goalie request being denied.

    Spare goalies for the regular are used via the following order (if applicable)

    1 - Call from league spare list. (Goalies not affiliated with any team) 

    2 - Call from any goalie from the opposite conference. 

    Spare goalies for the playoffs are used via the following order (if applicable):

    1 - Call from league spare list. (Goalies not affiliated with any team)

    2 - Call from any goalie eliminated from the playoffs.

    3 - Call from any goalie from the opposite conference.